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Precious Metals

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Gold and Silver have been a means of exchange for thousands of years. Trust history to protect your future. 

Buy Gold Bullion

Due to it’s high value and small size, Gold is a great way to store large amounts of wealth.

Buy Silver Bullion

Silver has many uses (more even than gold) in modern manufacturing making it a solid asset choice.


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Why buy precious metals?

Buy silver and gold to store wealth in a tangible asset with real value that has been exchanged for thousands of years.


Precious metals are available in limited quantities with seemingly endless demand driving appreciation.

Industrial Use

Gold and silver are used in manufacturing which has a constand demand in the event you need to sell.

Unexpected Events

In a catastrophic event, silver and gold can prove invaluable as a means of exchange when money is devalued.

Retirement Assets

With rising costs of living, gold and silver tend to maintain value while dollars lose purchasing power.


Some financial professionals exclude gold and silver from portfolios. But most wealthy investors still buy gold and silver.


In an age of social media and limited privacy, you can own gold and silver without nosy people knowing.

Wealth Protection

Gold and silver are real and tangible assets that have generally appreciated over time providing a hedge against inflation.

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Due to daily fluctuations please contact us for current prices on gold and silver.


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‪(385) 422-1911‬


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With same day delivery and friendly service, we put the customer first.

This is my second purchase. I was impressed with same day delivery. Won’t be shopping elsewhere next time.

Bill S.

[They] had silver rounds and met me to exchange. Thanks again.

Jess R.
West Jordan

Great buy on silver an looking to pick up some gold soon. Great people to deal with.

Steve R.
St. George