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There are many great reasons to buy silver. In Utah, “Stacking Silver” is a common practice among investors and preppers alike. Silver is an investment that has lasted the ages. And we just made buying silver in Utah affordable and easy.

Silver Stacking

Many people today are “stacking silver”. This refers commonly to stockpiling silver over time. The reasons vary but it generally comes down to holding a tangible investment that can appreciate over time as a hedge against inflation. Or, having a valuable asset to exchange when other currency is problematic.

People buy silver in Utah for mostly the same reasons. And they buy from US Silver And Gold to save money.

  • Timeless value – an asset that has been sought and exchanged for centuries
  • Real world use – silver is more used than even gold in electronics and manufacturing
  • Ability to liquidate – there is a demand for silver making it easy to sell if desired

Bullion vs. Coins

buy silver in utah

While bullion or rounds have an appearance to coins, the main difference is where they are minted. Governments, or in the this case, the United States, are generally the only authorized entities that can mint legal tender coins. These are minted at a U.S. Mint and have a face value and date.

Bullion generally refers to coins and bars minted by private mints. These are not dated and generally don’t have a value other than the weight of the metal from which they are minted. There are several private mints in the United States.

Often the rounds are stamped with popular designs similar to those of older coins such as the Walking Liberty silver dollar or Buffalo nickels. Some mints create their own designs and often rounds are minted with a popular culture image such as a president, sports figure or trendy icon.

Collecting vs. Investing

Occasionally, a bullion round stamped with a particularly popular image can become collectible, especially if minted limited quantities. Some mints purposely mint special editions to create additional value over the metal itself.

Generally generic or private rounds never have the value of rare numismatic coins from a government mint. While bullion rounds can look like old coins, they aren’t rare or old. They are simply metal with a design. This can make them somewhat collectible, but the real value is the metal itself.

This goes back to the reasons for buying in the first place. If you are buying bullion, you are generally storing value in something other than stocks, real estate, cash or other instruments. On the other hand numismatic rare coins can have a value far greater than the metal and the value stamped on them. Some rare US coins have sold for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Both rounds and coins can be great investments. If you are stacking for future monetary problems you should stick to bullion as a rare coin will only have the value of it’s metal.

Whatever your reason, US Silver and Gold makes it easy to buy silver in Utah. Get in touch for current pricing. We usually have a variety of designs on hand including 1oz. .999 silver Walking Liberty, Buffalo and Caesar Augustus rounds. We also stock U.S. Mint gold eagles in 1/10th oz. coins.

The market is near 2 year lows making for an opportune time to invest. No one can predict the future, but in this time of volatility it’s a good time to hedge and keep some secure, physical assets. If you have questions about buying silver or gold in Utah, please contact us. Precious metals are pretty, but the are also pretty safe to invest in for your future.

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