Discount Silver In Utah

Silver finished off last week just over the 7 day low of $17.77. Perhaps now is the ideal time to buy silver in Utah!

Silver peaked last week just under $21. Sitting just above $18 opening the market on Labor Day in the USA, that’s around 14% down as of publishing.

Now, if you’re stacking it’s always great to buy silver. If it’s at a discount it’s all the better. On the other hand if you’re investing, it’s also a great time to buy. If silver rebounds to last week’s high, you’re up over 16%.

US Silver and Gold offers silver in Utah at discount prices – perhaps the lowest in the state. So whether you’re stacking silver or investing for the the short or long term, contact us today!

Why Are Your Prices Higher Than Spot?

People often ask why, if spot is X, the retail price is Y? The silver spot price is pre-minting. Or in other words, silver that is exchanged at the base price before it is turned into rounds, bars, medallions and other forms. The retail price includes the processing of the silver into the form by melting, cutting, stamping and other methods to give a finished product.

We currently stock and have some of the best silver prices in Utah because we are wholesale direct and offer rounds at discount prices.

Buying Silver In Utah

Discount Silver In Utah

US Silver and Gold sells top-quality silver and gold that is privately minted into beautiful rounds and coins. We maintain a supply in Utah for same-day delivery. We usually have a minimum of 15 gold coins and 100 silver rounds but can be flexible.

We make buying silver easy and convenient. For those investing in Silver in Utah central to Salt Lake City and Utah Valley, we can deliver same day.

We have a minimum markup over spot and minting to keep our prices as low, or lower than online suppliers.

Back to the great question: Is now the time to buy? Yes!

There are always issues in the news such as Gold Being Flat on concerns about interest rate hikes. Bears on silver claim it is heading lower due to oversupply in Latin America, softening demand in solar and other production, and a drop in demand for jewelry.

Again, we can’t predict the future. But if you’re ready to buy silver in Utah, contact us today to find out more.

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